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Factors To Consider When Selecting ATM Location

Before deciding on a site for an ATM, many factors must be taken into account.
Even if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can still get rapid cash and other financial services from an ATM, although some locations are clearly more profitable for Independent ATM Deployers (IADs).
Factors to think about before putting an ATM in a public place

In order for ATMs to be useful, they must be placed in areas where potential customers frequent. Since ATMs are sometimes the sole way for customers to communicate with their financial institution, ATMs should be placed in high-traffic areas that are well-lit and secure.

Be careful to factor in power supply, connection, and parking, too, in addition to traffic.

Once an ATM is installed, it is important to keep an eye on how it performs over time. Foot and/or traffic patterns may alter as the neighborhood’s businesses evolve.


The following options for where to put an ATM are generally more profitable:


While more upscale restaurants and bars tend to have larger costs since they accept credit cards, more informal spots make great ATM sites. When the cost of a meal is cheaper, people are more inclined to pay with cash. The cleanliness of a place should be taken into account since unclean areas might attract rats that can harm machine parts.


Arenas and amphitheaters are places where cash is king because many vendors don’t accept credit cards, so bring enough of it. Aside from the heavy foot traffic, costs are sometimes significantly higher than expected, necessitating numerous trips to the ATM in a single evening.


People who stay in hotels are frequently away from home, and as a result, they may not have access to their regular bank accounts. For one thing, they may not have access to a bank in the destination city; for another, they may prefer the convenience of being able to withdraw cash without having to find a nearby institution.

With Dynamic Currency Conversion, hotels may generate additional money (DCC). Using DCC, an ATM converts the value of a Visa or Mastercard transaction into the nation of issue’s currency at the point of sale.

Operating an ATM fleet is time- and resource-intensive, therefore the smart placement of your station is critical (s). One to three percent of the daily foot traffic passed by an ATM can be expected to use an IAD. It is reasonable to assume that if a total of 1000 individuals use the ATM each day, it will execute 10 to 30 transactions. This translates to $900-$2700 in monthly income based on 300-900 sales.
Before committing an ATM terminal to a certain location, it’s critical to learn about the surrounding area. Analyze the market and select the most profitable alternative (s). After installing a terminal, keep an eye out for changes in profitability so you can alter your strategy as necessary. Also, keep an eye out for any potential threats. Competitors will flock to a place once one successful ATM has been installed.

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